Frequently Asked Questions

How does Simplicity Tea subscription work?
Shortly after (1-4 business days) signing up for Simplicity Teas you will receive a shipping notice via email! This is an ongoing monthly subscription that renews on the 5th of each month. You can cancel or pause at any time simply by emailing Renewal packages ship on the 12th to 17th of each month.

What's inside?
In each Simplicity Teas package, you will find a healthy mix of 2-4 teas (depending on package). Your first subscription package will contain a silicone infuser. There will be instructions as to how to brew the tea, and how to use each tea. 
How much tea do I get?
The tea lovers makes about 40 cups of tea, and the mini makes about 15-20 cups of tea. The tea lovers is the best value at less than .50 for each cup! 

Can I request 100% decaf?
We do have a 100% decaf option available ONLY in the mini (2 teas of the month) subscription.

How does billing work?

You will be billed on the fifth of every month for that month’s package which will be sent at the end of the month (around the 12-17th of each month). 

Where do you ship?
We offer free shipping on our deluxe package to the USA. We also ship internationally for an additional cost which is calculated at checkout.

How can I cancel my subscription or receive a refund?

If you ever need to close your subscription, you can cancel anytime by sending us email us at In order to receive a refund on your renewal, you must request one before your package has shipped. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for packages that have shipped. We do not offer refunds of prepaid packages that were paired with discounts. (Ps. If you’re ever dissatisfied, we’ll do our best to make your experience spectacular, please do reach out!)

How can I contact you?
You can contact us anytime at We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and you will receive a reply within 1-2 business days.

How do I become an influencer or affiliate?

Please email us at! We would love to have you join the TEAm. 

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Simplicity Teas assumes no liability for any injury, illness or adverse affects caused by the misuse and/or use of the information or products presented through our material. 

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