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How It Works

Life is too short to drink bad tea! Time to ditch that bleached and plastic filled tea you are currently drinking! With Simplicity Teas we only source high quality loose leaf tea so you know you're drinking the best!

Each month you will receive a package of artisan loose leaf teas personally curated by a tea expert for you! Each tea is created with a purpose such as optimized digestion, a mid-day pick me up, or a night time tincture to help you get the best sleep of your life- however we don't sacrifice taste! 

Simplicity Teas makes a great present! Your first package comes with a unique reusable infuser. Sign up today to start discovering your favorite blends! 

Step 1

We have three subscriptions to choose from... Mini (comes with 2 teas a month),  The Tea Lovers (3-4 larger teas and free shipping). All come with a unique tea infuser with the first order.

Step 2

We are packing your teas! Packages ship out on the 12-17th of each month with two day shipping. If you need the package earlier (as a gift, for example) you can reach out to us via email. 

Step 3

Rip that package open and let's get brewing! There are brew instructions on every tea, and start learning about how teas can be used to enhance your health and wellness. Happy Sipping! 

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