The Story Behind Simplicity Teas - a note from the owner


I am thrilled that you stumbled upon us! I started this company five years ago in  from a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to LOVE going into the store Teavana in the mall and was devastated when they closed. I thought to myself "the world NEEDS this!"

My love of tea came from battling some health issues post-college. I was told that I would never have children and that I would be destined to be diabetic. Needless to say, I did not take the news well and that is when I started my health and wellness journey! Tea became my favorite replacement for sugary drinks and I always found comfort in a cup of tea. I also learned about how many health benefits there were to each difference type of tea! It is now my my mission to inspire and educate others - and make others feel joy in their cup of tea! 

I am also happy to say that I have two beautiful sons and a husband who has been able to leave his full time job and support the shipping and manufacturing of Simplicity Teas! Just know that when you purchase there is a whole little family in Austin, Texas doing a happy dance!