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Mini: 2 teas of the month club

This mini package comes with 2 specialized loose leaf teas packaged in bags and/or vials! Your first package comes with a reusable tea infuser which will have all your Instagram followers jealous. Drink a lot of tea? We recommend the Tea Lovers package (only a few dollars more since it comes with free shipping!)

Teas Lover (FREE SHIPPING) teas of the month club.

This package contains 4 full-sized teas (a combination of large vials and bags). Our teas are organic, hand-curated and unique. You'll discover new and exciting flavors of teas! The initial package comes with a reusable infuser to make all your Instagram followers jealous. Each month provides you with 30-40+ cups of tea. This also makes a great gift to any tea lover in your life, they will be blown away by the unique packaging, amazing flavors, and awesome customer service!

Healing Hemp Tea

The benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp blended with your favorite tea! This package includes two unique flavors each month packed in our signature vial, and one bagged tea without hemp. For a total of 30 cups (60 re-steeped) and 15mg in each cup. Our Hemp is broad-spectrum, meaning there is no THC in it- instead, we just keep the good stuff! These teas will help with calming anxiety, inflammation, mood elevation, chronic pain, recovery from working out and so much more. Come discover your favorite Hemp tea today! Enjoy free shipping on this package as well!

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"Always has a great selection with health benefits and yummy flavors. Great customer service, and much better than any other I've tried" 

- Nadia

"I absolutely love the tea I get each month! I always get a little something extra too, which is great. All of the tea flavors have been amazing, as well. Highly recommend Simplicity Teas."


"I was so excited to get this tea and it didn’t disappoint! Hey smell amazing and taste delicious. The strainer that came with it is good quality and works well. SO worth it!"


Wellness and Health Teas