Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cup of Tea

By Leah:

A cup of tea brewed to perfection is one of the most comforting things in life. I love to sit down with a freshly brewed cup, take that first, delicious sip, and feel my problems melt away. Tea is wonderful for keeping me focused during the day, feeling healthy and strong, and ensuring restful sleep! Here are a few tips and tricks to brew the perfect cup of tea every time. 

#1. Read the instructions.

I know, I know. This seems obvious and is one of the first things we learn in school. But how many times have you started doing something without reading the instructions? Each of our teas has the instructions printed right on the bag or vial so you always know exactly what to do. Be sure to follow them as they may be different from what you are used to.

#2. Make sure to use a great infuser! 

The right infuser can make all the difference. Our loose-leaf teas need the space to expand in the water to fully steep and get the most benefit out of your tea. We provide a reusable silicone one in your first box of tea and you can always choose to upgrade as well during checkout!

#3. Make sure to steep for the time it says. 

Under and over steeping are both real things! Being impatient and not waiting the full steeping time could mean you aren’t giving the tea enough time to infuse correctly. Steeping too long causes the tea to become bitter. The time printed on each tea will give you the ultimate cup of tea. 

#4. Dress it up!

Try your tea with milk, sugar, or honey. Ice it for a cool treat. Tea doesn’t have to be enjoyed only one way. Experiment and figure out how you like it. Our subscription tea box is the perfect way to find your new favorites! With new flavors each month, you are bound to find something you love. It is the perfect gift for tea newbies, pros, or yourself! Our high quali-tea loose-leaf wellness teas are sure to amaze and delight your taste buds.