Five Perfect Mother's Day Gifts: COVID style

Mom deserves the very best: all day, every day. Unfortunately, Covid has made many Moms’ jobs harder this past year; she misses you and the way things were before, so why not spoil her? Here are five perfect gifts to show mom just how much you love her this Mother’s Day:

  1. Simplicity Teas: Monthly Tea Subscription Box

Life is too short to drink bad tea! This #1 rated, award-winning, tea of the month club is the most delicious way to gift your mom a hug in a mug and show her you love her! Each month she will receive a package of artisan loose leaf teas each created with a purpose such as good sleep, anxiety relief, or simply to make mom smile. The teas are always loose-leaf, always unique flavors, and always delicious! The first package even comes with a cute reusable silicon infuser so she can start enjoying the wellness teas right away! Order for mom here starting at just $9/month!

  1. Vellabox: Monthly Candle Subscription Box

Give mom the gift of cozy delivered right to her door! This company delivers artisan candles monthly and is sure to make mom smile. Starting at $10/month, choose the box size mom will enjoy all month long while experiencing new scents to create the perfect ambiance for cozy living. While many candles are full of chemicals that are hazardous to your health, Vellabox is committed to featuring candles made with 100% natural wax from renewable resources, so you can breathe easy. Order for mom here and she will discover high-quality candle brands from small-batch artisans all over the USA!

  1. Maude - Bath and Body Products

A gift for the mom who loves spa days (every mom) and has been missing the opportunity to get some pampering! Maude is a women-owned company that offers all of the essentials for bath and body-related items. They believe in creating safe and simple products that can be enjoyed by everyone. Mom will especially love this tub kit featuring a two-jar bath-soak kit, intended to set a relaxing mood. The first jar is filled with gently scented bath salts to ease muscle aches, and the second one contains a hydrating coconut milk bath to soften the skin. Mom will love feeling pampered without having to go anywhere! 

  1. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Show mom how much you love her with this symbolic birthday flower kit that grows and changes every day, just like the lucky person who plants it. Moms love personal gifts and birth month flowers, like stars and gemstones, have symbolic and sentimental meanings. This kit from Uncommon Goods includes seeds, a glass bottle to grow them in, a soil-less growing medium, instructions, and info about what your flower symbolizes. Mom can watch the beautiful flowers bloom and think of you every time she looks at them. Then after the garden has finished blooming, she can simply wash the grow bottle and use it as a vase for future beauties! This is the perfect gift for the mom that doesn’t want “stuff” and enjoys the simple beauty of nature.

  1. Custom Mug: Shutterfly

Personalized gifts are always a favorite on Mother’s Day and photos of family are so important these days. Combine mom’s love for pictures of her babies (you will always be her baby) and a warm cup of comfort with these customized photo mugs from Shutterfly! Mom will adore gazing at precious memories while sipping her favorite warm drink each morning or evening. Customize them further with mom’s favorite quote or colors. The possibilities are endless and mom is sure to appreciate the extra time and thought put into this sweet gift!